Sabre Concealment Tower

Sabre has a concealment structure that can meet even the strictest zoning regulations. Our slip-sleeve monopoles can be disguised as flagpoles, decorative light poles, or a variety of replica trees.

We also offer slimline poles that can be painted in several different colors. For projects that require something specific, our experienced engineering department has the ability to custom engineer a structure that blends with your unique situation.

Tree Poles
  • Variety of trees available
  • Designed to withstand severe conditions
  • Tested to ensure the best in wind resistance and RF clarity
  • Used in urban areas where trees don’t blend
  • U.S. or state flags available
  • Multiple carrier configurations
Light Poles
  • Variety of light fixture applications
  • Antennas concealed inside RF-friendly radome
  • Heights that meet your requirements
Slimline Poles
  • Used in numerous applications (flagpoles, light poles, stadium lights)
  • Internal bolted connections with antennas hidden inside the structure
  • Painted in a variety of colors
  • Variety of configuration
  • Designed to conceal multiple carrier elevations
  • Customizable finish and appearance
Upgrading Existing Concealment Sites

Along with providing a variety of new concealment options, Sabre offers products to rehabilitate existing sites that may have become worn over time. If you have a tree pole that needs some upgrading, we offer replacement branches, palm fronds, and new bark. Our construction group offers complete turnkey services for both new construction and upgrading of current sites

For help with concealment structures, contact us toll-free at (800) 369-6690 or via email at

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