Decorative Poles

Sabre Industries Decorative Poles

Sabre’s decorative poles make it possible for even the most evasive telecommunications equipment to look aesthetically pleasing.

Designed to fit the needs of the community, these poles are highly configurable and easily blend into their existing environment. They are manufactured out of galvanized steel or T356 aluminum, and come in either galvanized or powder-coated finishes that meet customer specifications. They easily interface with multiple Sabre products for radios and antennas; and are capable of holding can-style or pan antennas.

Sabre Industries Clamshell

180E036_000 Clamshell for Ericsson mRRUS12
180E054_000 Clamshell for ALU MCO

  • GR487, NEMA and TIA-222G compliant
  • NEMA 3R rated enclosure with active radio cooling
  • Highly configurable – mounting provisions for multiple remote radio heads and small cells
  • Mounting solutions available for:
    • ALU MCO 9764 w/ PDU (optional) and SAR-W
    • Ericsson mRRUS12 w/ CWDM
  • Remote monitoring available
  • Made to fit various pole dimensions

Our products undergo extensive structural, thermal, acoustic and RF testing to ensure our customers’ infrastructure deployments meet all jurisdictional and OEM specifications. For more information on Sabre’s small cell, please contact us via email at or by phone at (318) 213-2900.

Styled to match existing fixtures, Sabre’s decorative poles are designed specific to their equipment allowing for a clean appearance.