Sabre Telecom

In order to create state-of-the-art products, you need a professional staff with a wide range of engineering disciplines and capabilities.

Sabre’s in-house engineering team has the ability to design any type of tower no matter how stringent the requirements. Our experienced, structural engineers are licensed in all 50 states and the District of Columbia; and have experience working in most areas of the world. We have a team of experienced drafting and design professionals that focus exclusively on special projects, allowing us to design and manufacture extremely complex towers and antenna mounting systems.

Utilizing an industry-accepted software program, Sabre’s engineers accurately and efficiently perform in-house structural analyses. The latest CAD systems also provide the tools that are needed to prepare plot layouts, bills of material, final drawings, and permit packages. Each of our tower and antenna products come with complete instruction manuals and erection drawings to ensure easy, accurate assembly and installation.

Sabre provides a structural analysis on any tower or monopole regardless of manufacturer. A structural analysis is always recommended before adding any loading that is different than the original design. Sealed by a registered professional engineer, the Structural Analysis Report indicates if modifications are required. If modifications are needed, Sabre can provide both the materials and installation.

To contact someone in Sabre's engineering department, email or call toll free at (800) 369-6690.

Sabre designs towers and components for nearly all applications.