Sabre Industries Utility Engineering

With more than 200 years of combined experience in structure design, we ensure your structure will be designed for its intended application.

Our engineering staff utilizes integrated software programs that are unparalleled in the industry. With a combination of AutoCad® and Sabre’s customized structural design programs integrated with the Power Line Systems® family of software, we ensure the most cost-effective and optimized structure design. Compatibility with the PLS family of line design software allows direct paperless transfer of pole designs, loading cases and structure geometry. In addition, our centralized software allows for seamless and automated integration of information from initial design through the final CNC shop-cutting programs.

We prepare complete calculation packages for each project at time of bid, including pole shaft, arms and connection design outputs for each structure. Anchor bolt cages and proposal drawings are automatically generated and included with our bid package. Your complete engineering design packages and drawings can be provided in either electronic or hard-copy format or through PLS backups and libraries, depending on your specific needs.

To contact someone in Sabre's engineering department, email or call toll free at (866) 254-3707.

Our design programs integrated with the PLS family of software ensures the most cost-effective and optimized structure design.