Sabre's hot dip galvanizing

Offering utility poles in a wide range of finishes, Sabre-FWT has the in-house facilities to provide you with hot-dip galvanized, dulled, weathering steel or painted poles.

Hot-Dip Galvanizing

Sabre Galvanizing Services is located on-site at Sabre Industries’ industrial complex in Alvarado, Texas, and is one of the largest and most environmentally-friendly full service galvanizers in the United States. Utilizing a 65' kettle and some of the latest technology in hot-dip galvanizing, it provides maintenance-free corrosion resistance for the designed life span of your steel pole structures.

In addition to our galvanizer, we have an on-site dulling facility offering you the option of dulled galvanizing for your utility poles. Utilizing a chemical process that simulates aging of approximately 6 months, Sabre’s dulling facility takes a freshly galvanized structure and de-glares it so that it blends in with its surroundings.


Sabre-FWT also offers weathering steel for tubular steel poles. Made of a specially-formulated steel material that forms a patina to seal out the atmosphere and reduce further corrosion, weathering steel poles naturally weather to a deep dark brown color over time. Any incidental damage to this oxide coating heals itself, reducing the need for any type of maintenance.


In addition to galvanizing and weathering steel poles, we offer both painted steel poles and below ground corrosion protection. For your above ground protection, we can provide a painted finish. Available in a wide range of colors, this finish is designed to blend with any environment and is engineered for outstanding longevity. Below ground protection is achieved by using an advanced polyurethane coating that provides the best barrier to corrosion. The coating is an enamel-like sheet of thermoset plastic that bonds directly to the steel structure, and can be sprayed over both galvanized and weathering steel poles.

For information on finishes, please contact Sabre at or call toll free at (866) 254-3707.

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