Inspection & Modifications

Sabre Industries Inspection and Modifications

MUTI-Sabre Industries Telecom Services offers inspection services, and tower and monopole modifications.

Utilizing our custom-developed inspection software, we offer tower inspections that include tower, site and equipment conditions. If the inspection shows that a tower needs to be upgraded, we have the ability to provide complete turnkey tower and monopole modifications.

Our tower inspections are done using MUTI’s SITE™ inspection software. A paperless application for field inspection crews, SITE™ utilizes a web interface for customer data reporting and interaction. Data from the field crew is entered directly into the software from a field laptop and synchronized with our server which houses the inspection database. The customer can then log in, view and interact with all data posted. We have more than 5,000 tower inspections completed and housed within our SITE™ database tool.

When a tower needs to be modified, Sabre Industries has the experience and capability to design, fabricate, and install tower and monopole upgrade components. Our services include tower and foundation mapping, structural analysis, modification design and detailing, material fabrication, and installation of tower upgrade materials, mounts, antennas and transmission line.

Sabre Industries’ in-house, experienced licensed/registered structural engineers utilize an industry-accepted software program that enables them to accurately and efficiently perform structural analyses. The Structural Analysis Report is sealed by a registered professional engineer and indicates if modifications are required. In addition to engineering, Sabre provides in-house fabrication and installation of upgrade components. Upgrade components are welded in our facility prior to shipping, minimizing the danger of field welding.

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MUTI-Sabre Industries Telecom Services’ tower inspection program includes tower, site and equipment conditions.