Lightweight Self-Supporting Towers

Sabre Lightweight Self Supporting Tower

Sabre’s pre-engineered lightweight line of self-supporting towers are designed to carry lighter loads.

They vary from ultra-light load capabilities to medium duty, and are appropriate for a number of communication applications. All steel parts are hot-dip galvanized.

S3TL Series UL

Capable of carrying ultra-light loads, these three-legged self-supporting towers can accommodate up to 7.7 sq. ft. of EPA without ice, and up to 11.3 sq. ft. with ½” radial ice. This ultra-light design combines all weld solid round leg and bracing sections with knock down tubular leg and angle braced sections. Manufactured in 10’ and 20’ sections, they are available in heights up to 160’.

S3TL Series VL

These three-legged self-supporting towers are built with tubular steel legs and angle bracing. Designed to support a minimum of 8.3 sq. ft. of EPA, they are appropriate for a number of communication applications. Manufactured in 5’, 10’, 15’ and 20’ sections, this model is available in heights up to 240’.

S3A Series LDA

These light duty three-legged self-supporting towers feature a knock down design with angle legs and bracing. Designed to meet the needs of Broadband, WISP and SCADA, they are light enough to be cost effective, yet strong enough to maintain your signal path. Engineered in seven different categories of strength, they are available in heights from 20’ to 150’.

For more information on Sabre’s pre-engineered lightweight towers, please email or call (800) 369-6690.

Sabre’s lightweight towers vary from ultra-light to medium-duty load capabilities.