Environmentally-Responsible Process

Sabre Industries Galvanizing

A member of the Green Supplier’s Network, every step of Sabre’s galvanizing process is environmentally-responsible.

We have some of the world’s largest preheaters, capable of preheating steel to over 300° Fahrenheit. As a green facility, our preheaters use waste heat to save energy and reduce CO² emissions. Preheating the steel prior to dipping provides us with the ability to minimize distortion while being energy efficient. In addition, our facility operates with negative air pressure and has a completely enclosed kettle eliminating any danger of zinc splashing. We also capture the white smoke from our process and filter particle emissions so that no dangerous fumes are released into the atmosphere. Sabre Galvanizing Services is dedicated to protecting our environment.

Sabre Galvanizing provides superior galvanizing while protecting the environment.

Green Suppliers Network