Self-Supporting Towers

Sabre Self Supporting Tower

Sabre’s custom-engineered, self-supporting towers are appropriate for nearly all communication applications.

Available with either tubular or solid round legs in three or four-leg models, they are capable of carrying moderate to heavy accessory loads. These towers feature construction step bolts on each leg to the 15' spread level, and come individually packed with each set of section bracing clearly identified. In addition to offering tubular or solid round legs, Sabre provides self-supporting towers with angle legs when requested.


These widely used self-supporting towers feature tubular legs and angle bracing, making them less expensive because of their improved strength-per-pound ratio.


Providing maximum strength and reliability, the solid round legs and angle bracing on these towers eliminate any concern for possible internal rust and corrosion when placed in coastal areas.

Sabre’s self-supporting towers are engineered in heights that meet your specifications. All steel parts are hot-dip galvanized to ensure uncompromising integrity in the most severe climates. A factory-applied finish coat is available upon request. For more information on our self-supporting towers, email or call (800) 369-6690.

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