Sabre Industries Substation

Sabre offers a variety of tubular substation structures and a full line of substation buildings.

Substation Structures

Sabre-FWT provides a variety of substation structures from static masts to 765kV A-frame structures. Manufactured with an emphasis on quality and ease of field installation, all of our specialty and A-frame structures are pre-fit by experienced fabricators under the supervision of quality control personnel.

In addition to custom designed structures, we can produce substation structures as “fabrication only” directly from your substation standard drawings. To contact a sales representative about Sabre-FWT’s substation capabilities, please email

Substation Buildings

Sabre Industries also offers substation buildings. Designed for a variety of applications, we manufacture a full line of shelters and building systems. Available in several different finishes, they provide your equipment with durable, maintenance–free protection. Ideal for use as control and instrumentation houses, Sabre’s buildings offer cost-effective intrusion, ballistic and fire resistance.

You can find more information on Sabre’s buildings in the Enclosures section of our website.

Sabre’s substation structures are manufactured with an emphasis on quality and ease of field installation.