Telecom Services

Sabre Industries Telecom Services

Sabre Industries is the only integrated provider capable of offering an end-to-end solution with both products and services to telecommunication customers across the United States.

Our services group, MUTI-Sabre Industries Telecom Services, offers a full range of infrastructure services for the entire life cycle of your facility.

With extensive experience in the construction of telecommunication systems, we provide:

  • Site development and turnkey construction
  • Shelter storage and decommissioning
  • Material/warehouse management solutions
  • Complete microwave systems
  • Equipment integration

Sabre also offers maintenance services tailored to communication sites. We provide tower inspections, and complete tower and monopole modifications. In addition to maintaining current facilities, we design, deploy and commission Small Cell solutions. With a long history of quick response to carrier emergencies, we have the ability to provide temporary tower and generator deployment, along with emergency structure and equipment repair. Your partner from beginning to end, MUTI- Sabre Industries Telecom Services is available to help with getting a site on air. To learn more about our services, please contact us at

Sabre Industries Telecom Services offers a full range of value-added services for the entire life cycle of your facility.