Transmission & Distribution

Sabre Industries Transmission and Distribution

Sabre-FWT manufactures a full line of power delivery structures.

As one of the leading providers of utility structures in the United States, we design and manufacture steel transmission and distribution structures from 69kV to 765kV, including:

  • Single poles,
  • H-frames,
  • 3-pole structures, and
  • Specialty structures such as riser and switch structures.

Manufactured with an emphasis on quality and ease of installation, our specialty structures are pre-fit by experienced fabricators prior to shipment to ensure a proper fit will be achieved during field installation.

Sabre-FWT has completed projects ranging from a single pole location to hundreds of miles of lines in heights from 60' to 220'. In addition, we can accommodate most types of foundation requirements including anchor based, direct embedment and caissons. Although anchor bolt cages are typically designed to an optimum length based on pole design, Sabre can provide full length cages based on your foundation depth when needed.

Sabre-FWT offers the best in both products and services. Contact us toll-free at 866-254-3707 or via email at and let us handle your next project.

Sabre-FWT is a leading provider of utility structures in the United States.